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Coach or Die is the next logical step in setting the punk rock world on fire. So let this three track EP become the soundtrack to your most epic nights. Like their previous EP, Quick Fix, it is short, fast and loud. Like grinding up pills, chugging whiskey and fucking in a bathroom stall – simply the best.

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Quick Fix features three hard hitting songs that show off the band’s roots in DC hardcore and classic heavy metal. It’s a quick, aggressive and jaw clenching record that gets your blood pumping in a “get ready to take on the world” kind of way.

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Formed by guitarist/vocalist Dan, bassist/vocalist Ryan, and drummer Dirge in 2013 to play fast, guitar driven stoner punk with rock/metal influenced breakdowns, LIFECOACH plays with the intensity of 306 atomic bombs. The band has reached a level of TUFFness usually only associated with Motorhead.